Advisors: Lawrence Parks

Lawrence Parks

parksDr. Lawrence Parks is the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME) and a leading proponent of the fight for honest money. A student of money for more than 30 years, Dr. Parks also studied with free-market economist Murray Rothbard. Dr. Parks is a frequent speaker on what he calls "The Fight for Honest Monetary Weights and Measures." Dr. Parks is the author of What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?, an easy-to-read book about how our monetary system works. Lawrence Parks's writings have appeared in Pensions & Investments, The Economist, The Washington Times, The Freeman, The Free Market, American Outlook, The United States Congressional Record and National Review. Having broad experience in academia, business and finance, Dr. Parks also holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Polytechnic University.


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