Advisors: Paul Fabra

Paul Fabra

Paul FabraPaul Fabra in Paris was the financial editor of Le Monde during the DeGaulle-Rueff restoration of the French franc in 1958-59. He was well respected by the entire DeGaulle government, especially by Professor Jacques Rueff. Fabra’s coverage of DeGaulle's great speech of 1965 on the gold standard was reported worldwide by Paul Fabra. At that time, M. Fabra was even considered by some an informal advisor on monetary policy to the DeGaulle government, primarily because his views were sought by the global media in New York and London.

M. Fabra has had a distinguished career as a writer and author of several books. His most important one, an outstanding work on David Ricardo, was translated into many languages. He now writes for the distinguished French financial journal of business "Les Echos."


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