The Abe Conundrum

The sales tax is going up in Japan.>But faith in the financial and monetary policies of the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going down. But Abe remains optimistic, writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer shortly before President Barack Obama visited Japan that “Japan no longer considers itself the ‘Far’ East; rather, we are at the very center of the Pacific Rim, and a neighbor to the world’s growth center stretching from Southeast Asia to India. There can be little doubt that this growth center will continue to propel Japan’s economy for the foreseeable future. Japanese direct …Read more

Only Gold Can Stay

Only Gold Can StayRobert Frost famously wrote a rather melancholy poem, "Nature's first green is gold, The hardest hue to hold." Frost family grave, photo by Now science, reports , has developed a process called "ion beam milling" to turn the metal gold to any color.  Such as green.  Gold now can be green. [S]cientists from the University of Southampton have now devised a technique that causes gold (or other metals) to be seen in a variety of other colors ... green gold, anyone? Unlike processes such as anodizing, in which colored films are added to metal surfaces, the Southampton technology works by …Read more

Greek Tragedy Continues

European leaders recently gave a thumbs up to Greek crisis-management efforts and released a large package for aid for the Greek government to reduce government debt. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited Athens and blessed the country’s reform efforts. And no one rioted. Meanwhile, the Greek economy languishes. The New York Times’ Niki Kitsantonis has written “With scant opportunities in a suffering private sector, with unemployment at a record 28 percent – and above 60 percent for those under 24 – many Greeks have stopped waiting for those in power to put the country back on its feet.” …Read more

The Golden Age

The Golden AgeThe ancient Greeks, much like India, told of a long-lost golden age.  Lucas Cranach the Elder, , ca. 1530 Hesiod, in , tells the tale -- and of the decline into this age of "sore trouble." I will sum you up another tale well and skilfully -- and do you lay it up in your heart, -- how the gods and mortal men sprang from one source. (ll. 109-120) First of all the deathless gods who dwell on Olympus made a golden race of mortal men who lived in the time of Cronos when he was reigning in heaven. And they lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil and grief: miserable age …Read more

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