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Since early 2010, it has been my privilege to work on bringing the gold standard back into the public discourse through the .  It was a great pleasure to hear from my old mentor, Lewis Lehrman, and to be asked for my assistance in bringing his writings—inspired by the close study of the work of French economist Jacques Rueff—out of the archives and back as part of the public conversation. I had first become interested in gold through my chance discovery, during law school in the high inflation Carter years, that gold had a rich and profound constitutional history. … Read more

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In a recent op-ed at , I called the classical gold standard — the ability of you, or a foreign government, or anyone in between to present your dollars at a bank and receive gold dollars in return — the "unfinished symphony” of the prosperity legacy of President Reagan, who was a gold standard supporter, of Rep. Jack Kemp, a great proponent of the gold standard, and of others — very much including, behind the scenes, Lewis E. Lehrman, founder of the Lehrman Institute. These men, and a very few others such as Jeffrey Bell with whom I was privileged to be associated, were at the core of the …Read more

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Professor Jacques Rueff

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