Love, War and Politics: Abe Channels The Gipper

Nothing in politics is new… except for the euphemisms.

Premise: In math, science and technology, learning is linear. Each idea gets built on the innovations that have gone before it. In politics and economics, as in love and war, we keep making the same dumb mistakes over again.

Exhibit A: Yesterday’s Financial Times’ spin on our favorite Pacific island experiment with Democratic capitalism: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo “Abe Unveils ‘Third Arrow’ Reforms of Low Tax and Deregulation.” We read the piece… so you don’t have to. We’ll do our best to spare you the cheesy archery quips replete in the article.

“Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister,” the FT reported, “finished outlining his economic reform plans on Wednesday by promising to relax rules governing the sale of nonprescription drugs and allow selected cities to experiment with lower taxes and deregulation. The proposals [are] included in a broad ‘national growth strategy’ that the government plans to approve next week.”

It’s about time. Finally, somebody’s going to do something about the darn Japanese economy.

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