Spirit of Jack Kemp Rides Again

Jack Kemp was one of very few transformational political leaders of the 20th century.  He incontrovertibly was the political prime mover in raising the world’s wealth to $100 trillion (trillion with a t).  As this writer elsewhere has observed:

"According to the World Bank, the world’s GDP in 1980 was around $11 trillion. Today it is around $60 trillion. The added $50 trillion-per-year capitalizes to over $100 trillion in new wealth… even when adjusted for inflation."

$100 trillion is a lot of money… even by Washington standards.  Thanks to the work of Rep. Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.) and his tiny team, America was instrumental in bringing a billion people out of abject poverty into decent working affluence. Not incidentally, Kemp’s work created the conditions for the generation of nearly 40 million jobs, under Reagan and Clinton, in America.  Abandoning the Kemp formula, America has stagnated.

Kemp’s honors include the award, posthumously, of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor, by President Obama.

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