The Breakfast Buffet with Rand Paul

At 9:55 a.m. Tuesday morning, this Jake Tapper tweet came sailing across the ether: “Near the breakfast buffet, Senator Rand Paul chatting with Bill Kristol.”

Alarmed—or at least curious—tweets and emails started coming in to TWS: What’s up in Iowa? (And God knows what consternation Tapper’s tweet was stirring up at Paul headquarters!)

So we asked the boss, safely back in his room, What’s up?

The boss’s response: “Needless to say, what happens at the Des Moines Embassy Suites breakfast buffet stays at the Des Moines Embassy Suites breakfast buffet. I can report, though, without I think violating confidences, that we agreed that we both admire Lew Lehrman, and think a new Presidential Gold Commission like the one Lew (and Ron Paul) served on in 1981-1982 might well be a good idea.”

That’s what they discuss at breakfast at the breakfast buffet at the Embassy Suites? I’m staying in D.C.

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