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A critical, but under-reported, "open secret" in Washington is the work that is going on to restore the gold standard.  With the Federal Reserve flooding the world with funny money, ostentatiously called "Quantitative Easing 2," millions of people are waking up to how Washington is playing with the fire everybody hates:  Inflation.

Very few of our elected officials, including Republicans, know what to do about it.  The answer is simple:  restore the gold standard!  We have collected a group of world-class experts on the gold standard.  And the fight to restore it is key to the restoration of America to greatness.  We've made enormous progress in the past year.  Breakthroughs will be coming soon.  Be among the first to know about these, even before they make the news.

The fight for the gold standard is going to effect your life, personally and very dramatically.  It is key to job creation--many jobs, better jobs--and the restoration of prosperity to America and even the world.  We think you, as a citizen, will consider it important to follow these developments and that you deserve to be in the know -- without any cost to you. This is an easy way for you to stay in the know about one of the most important battles for the Constitution -- restoring Constitutional money -- for economic growth -- for the very future of America -- and we'll let you know how you can play your part in that. 

We welcome you and hope that is useful to you.  We provide breaking news every day and fresh content many times a week. We also offer you treasure troves of some of the best thinking ever undertaken on the gold standard.  Check it out.  We hope to see you here often.

As seen on the Wall Street Journal

Monetary Reform: The Key to Spending Restraint

Paul Ryan's plan won't succeed without legislation to prevent the Federal Reserve from monetizing the national debt.

By Lewis E. Lehrman | April 26, 2011

Originally published in The Wall Street Journal

No man in America is a match for House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on the federal budget. No congressman in my lifetime has been more determined to cut government spending. No one is better informed for the task he has set himself. Nor has anyone developed a more comprehensive plan to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the federal budget deficit than the House Budget Resolution submitted by Mr. Ryan on April 5.

But experience and the operations of the Federal Reserve system compel me to predict that Mr. Ryan's heroic efforts to balance the budget by 2015 without raising taxes will not end in success—even with a Republican majority in both Houses and a Republican president in 2012.

Why? Because the House Budget Resolution fails to reform the Federal Reserve system that supplies the new money and credit to finance both the budget deficit and the balance-of-payments deficit. So long as the Treasury deficit can be financed with discretionary money and credit—newly created by the Federal Reserve, by the banking system, and by foreign central banks—the federal budget deficit will persist.

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