The Gangnam Standard

If you want popular, than you have to back the Gangnam Standard. After all, the Gangnam Style video by the Park Jae-sang, the South Korean artist known as PSY, has become the most watched video on Youtube with more than a bilion hits. You know you are popular when you have more hits than Justin Bieber’s Baby. Now, PSY has joined Bieber on Scooter Braun’s record label.

You know you are an international hit  when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon meets with you and praises you for your  "unlimited global reach".

You know you are it when Gangnam Style becomes among the most imitated Youtube videos.  The Oregon Marching Band - Gangnam Style has more than 4.5 million views.

Ellen DeGeneres’ video of a mother and son dancing Gangnam Style has more than 22 million views.

That’s more even than Psy’s appearance on Ellen. Not to be outdone, kids and dogs are featured on Youtube doing their Gangnam imitations.

That seems to be the problem with the Gangnam Standard. It can be so easily replicated without any standards for quality or purity. In Austin, Texas, there is a man whose Christmas tree lights blink to Gangnam Style. Is nothing sacred?

Still, you have to wonder among the staying power and lasting value of dancing as if one were a horse. Clearly, PSY has flooded the market – much like the world’s central bankers have been doing lately — and the results have undoubtedly been greeted more enthusiastically. When will the bubble burst?

Nevertheless, one can’t help laughing at the Gangnam Standard – which is more than one can say for the world’s fiat money.

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