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Lehrman tapped for Gold Standard Advisory Board

Lewis Lehrman has been named to the advisory board of the American Principles Project’s Gold Standard 2012 initiative. Now the head of investment firm L.E. Lehrman & Co., Lehrman had been president of Rite Aid and was a member of the U.S. Gold Commission in the Reagan administration. “Lew Lehrman is one of the most accomplished and respected leaders of international monetary reform in modern American history,” said Sean Fieler, chairman of the American Principles Project. “He is also one of the most articulate voices on the need to end the dollar’s role as the reserve currency and restore …Read more

Gold Standard Advocacy Site Hits the Web Today

Breaking: GoldstandardNow goes live: A new site has just been launched which could become the central hub for people, groups, and organizations that are committed to constitutional money: the gold standard.  The name of the site is , which has just gone live today. This site will present authoritative information on the gold standard.  People can learn how the gold standard’s return is vital to our nation’s prosperity.  The Freedomist will be paying close attention to this site as it continues to provide the kind of information that could help our leaders see the benefits of returning to a …Read more

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