About the Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

"The History of the Gold Standard"
George Selgin, University of Georgia

"The Argument for Returning to the Gold Standard"
Brian Domitrovic, Sam Houston State University, Author, "Econoclasts" "The Argument Against Returning to the Gold Standard"
Lawrence H. White, George Mason University … Read more

The Need for a 21st Century Gold Standard

John Mueller, Jeffrey Bell and James Grant discuss the need for sound money, namely a gold standard, at CPAC 2012.  … Read more

Gold: Independent Money

Short animation arguing for re-introduction of gold as money because of its independence. Written and narrated by Dominic Frisby. Animated by Pola Gruszka. Sponsored by Gold Resource Corporation.  … Read more

Pierre Jovanovic on French Monetary History

Pierre Jovanovic talks about how French monetary history led to decisions made at the Bretton Woods Conference, including the introduction of fiat money and Napoleon's gold standard.  … Read more

James Grant and James Turk discuss gold, the Fed and the fiscal situation of the USA

James Grant and James Turk discuss the history and mission of the Federal Reserve, the move to paper money, and how a return to the gold standard could resolve many U.S. debt problems during the current financial crisis.  … Read more

Kathleen M. Packard, Publisher
Ralph J. Benko, Editor

In Memoriam
Professor Jacques Rueff

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