Why America Needs the Gold Standard

The Gold Standard Creates Demand for Investment

Returning to a classical gold standard would stimulate investment because it provides a fair rate of return through stable purchasing power. With increased investment there will be a greater demand for labor, which leads to full employment and higher real wages for the average worker.  … Read more

Preventing the U.S. Dollar Value from Eroding

The U.S. Dollar has lost 80% of its value since 1971. Fixing the value of the dollar to a weight unit of gold is the best way to give a stable value to the dollar over the long run. The gold standard creates a stable dollar.  … Read more

A Gold Standard Dollar is the People's Money

95% of Americans earn a living with labor, wages and salaries to save for special purposes such as retirement, education and the costs of living. Having a dollar with stable purchasing power, like gold-backed currency, helps ordinary people and diminishes the advantage of the speculator and banker class in America.  … Read more

Gold Standard: Honest Bridge Between Nations, Generations

Money is a bridge between individuals and countries. It is a way for us to provide for ourselves. We don't store warehouses of wheat and corn in our backyards to prepare for famine or bad crops, so money is the bridge between all producers and all consumers.    … Read more

The Gold Standard is a Yardstick

If you saved a dollar in 1971, it now has 15-20 cents of purchasing power. Shouldn't it maintain the purchase value of a dollar? Compare our monetary system to a yardstick, a standard unit of measure. If the Federal Reserve board changed the value of a yardstick from 36 inches to 32 inches next month, and then to 38 inches a year from now, would Americans feel that is fair?  … Read more

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